Wildfire – Ticket to Rock is now on Kickstarter.

Growing up is both difficult and confusing, you and your friends find new interests that take you on different paths in life. In a world that changes so quickly around you, how are you meant to find out who you are supposed to become?

Finding new friends, keeping your old friends and follow the music that exists inside of you. To create a band and a place where you belong and can grow.

Music can inspire, make one feel happy, make one feel sad, no matter how music makes one feel, it is always with you.

the band plays gigs so it can come closer to their dream of getting to play at the local wildfire festival. on the journey, they find out who they are and grow closer to each other but also find out that your friends  have more sides to them that sometimes can create conflicts between them which does not always make it easy for the members of the band to continue playing together.

Music is what inspire the game's protagonist to begin her journey and what's with her as she finds out more about herself and who she will become.

We run this Kickstarter so that we can be able to include more original songs for the band that the protagonist is a part of.

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Also a new demo available: with a new beautiful interface.

the game has a new textbox and new beautiful menus.


Wildfire-Ticket-to-Rock-Kickstarter-Demo-win.zip 194 MB
Apr 08, 2020
Wildfire-Ticket-to-Rock-Kickstarter-Demo-mac.dmg 193 MB
Apr 08, 2020
Wildfire-Ticket-to-Rock-Kickstarter-Demo-linux.tar.bz2 198 MB
Apr 08, 2020

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